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Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm PST
in california. nothing reporting yet but we are 100% sure california goes to obama. the state of washington not surprisingly to the democrat obama. the state of idaho, goes to romney. 91 votes to 52 votes, we are sure of ourselves around here and then the state of hawaii, good evening to you and you have elected -- you have given your votes to obama. now to the important states which are still undecide. that will begin with the state of virginia. a state that we have been watching all night long. now three fourths of all precincts reporting. romney with a slight lead but still to close to call according to the decision team. the state of ohio which we thought would be the big teller of the night, obama at the moment at least has opened up a lead but only two thirds of all precincts reporting and ohio is still to close to call as is iowa, six votes up for grabs, important state in this election. obama with what looks like it's a lead but because of the precincts still out it's to close to call. colorado, nine votes up for grabs, two thirds of all precincts reporting and colorado is still to
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am PST
're having a fight in washington. >> we're going to talk about policy in a minute. i want to talk to you first, michael. you were there. you were at the epi center of this transfer of power. what was it like to be in chicago? >> it was exciting. i mean, people were talking about the enthusiasm gap. i said look. i do a lot of renewal of vows as a minister. and the second time around of course it's different. you know more about him. you know about her. you're a little bit more jaded. you ain't getting flowers every day. but the bill's being paid, baby got shoes and everybody good. so that's the renewal of vows obama. look, i'm out here doing my thing. and it was tremendous. it was electric. it was the understanding that this is a real choice in america between two different options, one of which is selfish and redistributing wealth upward to those who are wealthy, and another one that is concerned about the poor and at least about the middle class. so in that sense, people felt that hey, we ratified today the fundamental principles of democracy, not just giving it to obama. but you got to
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
in colorado. it will go on a ten city tour before arriving in washington d.c. >> it's a big honor. it's amazing of all the trees on the white river forest for them to pick one on our permitted area is great. >>> the popular beer company is tap something resources and pouring in to help the victims of hurricane sandy. >>> four people shot outside a home in the peninsula. one person critically injured. and what we learned about the people involved and the search for the gunman. >>> and with days to go before election day, an investigation launched into ballot tampering in oregon. what the employees are accused of doing. >>> four people shot and within critically. the search is on for the gunman. good morning. the shooting happened just after 8:00 as a group of people were standing outside a home. we're live there at the scene this morning with what the police are saying about the vehicles involved. >> reporter: the people that live in the area near windermere and ivy said they told the police they heard ten to 20 shots fired. the police found four men had been struck by the gunfire. the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3